I've had some success with cookies lately. By success I mean I was able to bake a reasonable amount that both looked good and tasted fantastic. And by lately I mean this year. I have been slack on the blog update so this is my first one for 2011. My biggest problem is taking photographs that come out even remotely worth a look so I must endeavour to get a camera at some point.

This cute little fella is a chocolate freckle cookie, chosen by my son as the recipe of choice for one Sunday afternoon of baking. And I must concur, it was a most excellent choice. Chocolate biscuit dough base which could be cut into any shape you like. There were a few that came out shaped like dog bones. Don't ask. Then dipped in chocolate and covered in hundreds and thousands. One word, moreish.

I also made a big batch of choc chip cookies using an excellent vegan recipe. No need to have fresh eggs on hand to whip these up; marg, sugar, golden syrup and flour will do the job. Oh and choc chips of course. I thought they looked really cute all stacked in clear boxes and would be great for a market stall, bake sale or fundraiser.

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