100 Birthday Cupcakes

Well...technically, I made 8 dozen birthday cupcakes. But 8 dozen is 96. Which is close to 100 so I'm claiming artistic license and saying I made 100 cupcakes - for my work friend Jackie's 60th birthday party.

For Jackie's cakes I wanted:
- Great tasting cupcakes but with classic flavour, so I chose chocolate.
- I wanted great tasting, classic icing too but with a touch of colour and prettiness, so I piped a chocolate-strawberry swirl on each cake.
- And to finish off I added a dark chocolate squiggle, just for kicks. And cos I like squiggles.

The making was fairly straight forward; I basically made a lot of cakes, and then I iced a lot of cakes. I then took a lot of pictures. I also got a lot of chocolate in places I neither expected or thought it physically possible to get chocolate.

The baking and cooling of lots of cakes looked like this... ----->

<---- and my production line of boxing, icing and applying chocolate squiggle to said many cakes looked a bit like this....

There is a squiggle missing off one cake. Where is the quality control when you need it?!

And the all done, wouldn't-know-they're-vegan, in their SLACKTARTS logo boxes, finished product

That squiggle is still missing!

Very happy with myself at my first bulk order of cakes and for getting them to look and taste so consistently good. Thanks to my super friend Shylie for designing my logo and getting me stickers - I now look super profesh! Well, not so much when I'm at home in the kitchen with chocolate on my bum, but at other times.

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